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Passenger Service

Thanks to the highly qualified standards, Aeroméxico Servicios crew provides an efficient service.

The hospitality and warmness on treatment from our staff to the passenger is imperative for a pleasant experience from beginning to end.

Aeroméxico Servicios offers a wide range of services among which are:

● Check in. Passenger’s reception at counters to review of boarding pass, identification, migratory forms in case of international flight, luggage reception to document and label.

● Boarding. At gate, the staff coordinates passengers for an efficient board.

● Arrival. Organize all the activities when the flight arrives, which are: passenger reception, special services of flight, arrival position, downloading baggage.

● Special Services (unaccompanied minors, passengers on wheelchairs, etc.). Coordinate and plan the service for those passengers who require special attention at arrival and departure of a flight, facilitating the necessary resources to boarding and deplaning.

● Immigration procedures. Review of the documentation of the national and foreign passengers, validating all the necessary documents.