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Aeromexico Servicios is a leading company of complementary services in Mexico since it has the most important resources: experienced staff highly trained and specialized equipment which provide a world-class service.

The high level of safety, quality and leadership of our company, are recognized and endorsed by the ISAGO-IATA certification, acquired since 2009. Furthermore, our service standards are attached to Mexican Aviation regulations (DGAC).


Having the ISAGO certification (IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations), offers benefits to ground handling operators, airlines and authorities, among which are:

  • Safety ground handling operations.
  • Identification of high risk zones in the ground handling operations, improving the internal processes.
  • Improve quality standards.
  • Cost reduction and fewer audits by our costumer airlines.
  • The number one choice of the airlines to make the selection of ground handling services provider.

Currently AeroMexico Servicios has ISAGO certification in CUN, GDL, MEX and MTY.

Aeromexico Servicios offers a wide range of solutions in ramp:

  • Marshalling
  • Baggage Handling
  • Cargo Handling and Post Office Mail
  • Cabin cleaning
  • Push Back and Aircraft Towing
  • Toilet and water services
  • Complementary Services
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Aware that every good beginning comes to great terms, our staff, previously to the attention to the aircraft implement a preparation and planning service, forecasting all the information, human resources and necessary materials. Moreover, they will be responsible for having the platform clean and clear from obstacles to guide the aircraft safely to its parking area, where the attention will be given.

Baggage Handling

Aware that baggage is a second passenger and that is extremely important the arrival to its destination in good conditions, Aeromexico Services has control of each piece of luggage carried, execute a classification, stowage, downloading and delivery according to the requests of each airline, plus accomplish every goal and commitment with the customer, achieving their entire satisfaction. Based on this background avoiding abuse and damage to the baggage. Aeromexico Servicios is able to handle both: bulk and storage containers.

Cargo Handling and Post Office Mail

Aeromexico Services has the capacity to provide the service of cargo and Post Office Mail, from the aircraft or airline’s cargo areas to their stowage and downloading, for passengers so as cargo operations.

Cabin Cleaning

First impression is very important to the passenger, reason why, the cleanness of the aircraft is primordial. Aeromexico Servicios provide the cleaning solution; arrangement and clothing of the comfort and entertainment articles on board in order to make the passenger’s trip more pleasant. Clean and dress are performed according to the service, materials and safety standards established by the airlines.

Push Back and Towing aircraft

The moving of any aircraft before its departure or another needs of the airline must be safely performed; Aeroméxico Servicios has the optimate equipment and highly trained personnel to execute the procedures of Push Back and towing in accordance to safety standards in the industry.

Toilet and Water Services

Having a clean and presentable environment in restrooms and kitchens is extremely important for our customers and crew. This is the reason Aeroméxico Servicios, within its range of offered services, has the ability to perform the draining of toilets and potable water supply which satisfy the quality standards of the Mexican regulations.

Complementary Services

Aeroméxico Servicios has support equipment (such as GPU, ASU, passenger stairs, etc) available if required by the airline as part of the provided service.